Fate or coincidence?

Do you guys believe in fate? That some things are just meant to happen?

Today I was just checking through the course material for the MUA education I’m taking this autumn and all of a sudden there were a LOT of extra stuff that wasn’t there before. Turns out that the school is celebrating 15 years and they’re giving out free nail design courses to all students who’re taking the Master Makeup Artist education this autumn! The scary part is that this nail design course was one thing that I really wanted but I chose not to take it because it was way too expensive. Now I’m getting it free of charge! It’s SUPER AWESOME! I’m getting more and more interested in nail design so this is really the moment of my life.

One other thing that makes me wonder a lot about fate was this website I’ve been looking at with houses for rent at Crete, ’cause I’ve been thinking about maybe going there to work at least one season. There is a beautiful house in Maleme that I’ve been eyeing a couple of times but I haven’t paying attention to the text. Today I read more about it and realized that it’s available from April next year, around the same time when I’ve been thinking about moving… One coincidence I can take but two? That’s not a coincidence anymore, that’s Fate for me.

I see this as a beacon of hope, as a sign that this really is what I’m going to do in my future. This was meant for me. I know it 🙂


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