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Eurovision work time? You bet!

Ok, so Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest with a song I’ve been gnashing my teeth at for weeks. Oh happy joy joy… Now we’ll NEVER get rid of it! I got tired after the second round of “uh-uh-uh-uuuuuuuh” and now we’re going to hear it from every wailing, drunk Sweden for the rest of the year. Couldn’t we at least win with something we could be proud of? The Ark, for example, was the perfect entry but the rest of Europe just didn’t see that ­čśë

On the other hand, hosting ESC is glorious for tourism. It is also very practical that I’ve finished my education and got my diploma until next year. If I work hard and make a good name for myself (maybe even get some good contacts) ESC should be a great work opportunity for me! I mean, everybody who’s on stage need makeup and styling, right? Many of the artists might bring their own MUA’s but there’s still a whole bunch of dancers and others to style and fix. Totally awesome ^^

So I’ll see you next year ESC and you’ll better have the big check ready, for I’m coming to cash in!


How To Magically Look Awake (for gamers and others)

That feeling… You wake up after a night of seemingly endless gaming, take a shower, have your breakfast and coffee and girls maybe do their makeup and when you look in the mirror you go like “OMG ZOMBIE INVASION!”… We know that feeling. Whatever we do, we still look like something the cat dragged in. Well, if you know a bit of makeup magic, it’s easily solved! Follow along!

“Mmm, brains… or did I left that one behind somewhere?”

White eyeliner and a white/creme eye shadow (preferably with a little shimmer) is needed!

Add the white eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye. Don’t be shy, add a lot of it! Then smudge it so that it blends in naturally with your skin. Add more and smudge again if needed. When this area is brightened the eye looks bigger and more awake!

Then, add the eye shadow. Smudge it along your brow bone. This also opens up the eyes giving you a more healthy and awake look.

Vo├şla! Brush up your hair (add some lip gloss if you feel like it) and nobody will ever be able to guess just how many levels you went up in Diablo 3 last night ;D

If you want to I can add a “How To Magically Look Awake”-guide for guys also. Perfect for job interviews and meeting relatives if you don’t want to look like Evil Dead ­čśë

Blackthorn Morgana, I love you!

When I first started playing League of Legends I started with the ranged mage characters. It was easy, I could stand behind people and didn’t have to be the bravest. Because I wasn’t. I was like “I’m casting a spell! Oh noes, someone is moving towards me! RUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!” and I guess I was a real pain in the ass during team fights as I tended to run in the other direction.

The first champion that I started to get good with was Morgana. I loved the fact that I could bind my enemies and then drain them with Tormented Soil. When I first heard the comment “Wow, you’re scary as Morgana” I surged with pride. A little childish maybe, but I love getting praise ^^

Morgana was also the first champion that I bought a skin to. Blade Mistress Morgana, reminding me a lot about Kerrigan as Queen of Blades. Two good things in one! And I kept practicing and practicing and got better all the time. The thing is though that when almost every other champion kept getting new skins, Morgana was stuck with the old ones, and I started changing champions ’cause I thought they were cooler.

But now, in the newest patch, when they finally released the Blackthorn Morgana… Omg, that is pure happiness! Such a wonderful skin, both portrait and in game! And as I switched back to play Morgana I feel that I have her every move etched in my spine. She really is MY champion, and I love playing her. We are one, Morgana and I. I’ve come home again, and I’m closing in on the Ranked games!

Back from Germany, with love ^^

Ah, back in Sweden. Back to my home and my pets. It’s really wonderful going away from time to time but it’s always a pleasure going back home too. Especially since Sweden seems much greener now than when I left it!

We’ve seen a lot of things in Germany. A LOT! The trade fair had 10 halls, full with animal products of all kinds and as if that wasn’t enough we also had a town to explore! I could have been there two weeks, easily… The warm, nice weather made it possible to walk around in shorts and t-shirt and I really love the German food and beer.

The trade fair itself was enormous and we were walking around for the better part of every day. So many interesting products for all kinds of animals! I took lots and lots of pictures, but I’m afraid I ain’t going to show you any. I don’t think anyone would sue me for putting up pictures, but out of respect for the companies who create and sell these products I’m keeping them for business reasons only ^^. I did, however, take some other pictures with a more leisurely theme, and I’ve just uploaded them to my Flickr-account! Find the set HERE

Every day after the fair we went into town to eat and to meet up with all the other Swedish people who were there. Our favourite hangout was the beer hall Barf├╝├čer in the Old Town. It looked really small from the outside, but when you took the stairs down it was huge. The first couple of days it was so full that we had to wait a long time to get a table, but we always ended up in there in the end ^^ The bar also had their own brewery (as so many other places in Germany) so we didn’t really try many different kinds of beer. but that was okay, ’cause the beer they had there was really good, even the blonde one! Normally I’m a sucker for dark beer, but in Germany most beer is good.

Nuremberg itself is a very beautiful town with that elegant┬ámix of western┬áEuropean┬ástandard, typically German houses and gothic churches. I really want to go back there some time, just for a vacation. There’s so much more to see ^^ But I did get to see the Kaiserburg (Imperial Castle) and that was one of my goals with this trip ^^ I love medieval stuff!

Well, now that it’s over and I’m back in Sweden I can start looking forward to and plan for the Sweden Rock Festival \../(^w^)\../

Failed Marble turned to Cute Leopard!

Yesterday I tried to do marble nails for the first time and it was WAY harder than I thought it would be. First result was not the best one, and after staring at my nails for a few minutes I decided to go for a totally different look and maybe try the marble technique another time. I think my biggest mistake was to rush it, because it takes some time to dry… Next time I’ll take it slowly ­čÖé

This was the hand that looked okay (I liked the color combination), but I didn’t even bother to clean and finish it. Just removed it straight away xD


I switched to this wonderful pastel leopard style instead. I’ll fix my nails once again before I go to Germany, and then I’ll have longer and more stylish nails ^^